Saturday, January 25, 2014

Xbox's Quest For Games

When I first got into gaming it was through anime (look it up) and it's very closely related genre RPG so I played them almost religiously shunning any other genre like shooters and action. But that kinda did not work out when I got my xbox 360 coming from my wii. I had discovered that the Xbox had a very thin category of RPGs especially my favorite franchise period, Kingdom Hearts which was one of the many PS3 exclusives.
The first game was the very FIRST game I played. Ever. So I spend the latter part of the generation growing accustomed to adventure games trying to get my weekly gaming fix. I'm happy now because playing other genres I truly grew to love gaming replacing anime as my hobby. 
So I was happy when I heard that Microsoft worked out a deal with Square Enix to get Kingdom Hearts 3 on Xbox One.
Even though I plan getting the PS4 as my main console (I'm still getting the xbox one for the exclusives) i'm happy that Microsoft truly learned from their mistakes last generation were to be honest the 360 was for shooter fans (Which I was not) and not much else excluding the occasional action-adventure. 
The Xbox is going through whatever means to get exclusives or at least old PS3 exclusives as cross-platforms appealing to a larger audience.
Like I had expected, the first year of the new consoles was going to turn into a battlefield for the gaming community now the ball's in Sony's court with their Playstation Now.

What do you think about Microsoft's new approach to games? or do you think Playstation will still reign supreme?

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