Thursday, February 27, 2014

Government Stopped Funding to "Violent" Video Game Developers

I'm sorry guys I wasn't going to write this article since I wanted to do something because I haven't sat down to write anything in weeks. But this just angered me to my core and I take this as an insult to not me but the entire gaming community.

For those who don't know the House of Representatives are currently passing a tax reform bill and within it states to not give funding to what they describe as "violent" video game developers.

Well damn, the hate and ridicule of video games has finally became a federal level "problem". I'm a teenager my mother just recently bought Grand Theft Auto V and my aunt advised against that due to how violent and sexual some of it was. And I agreed with the later parts it is very violent but people need to understand that it is not hurting anyone and it's just plain fun no one is thinking "If I can do it in a game why can't I do in real life?" while their playing and what fun about it is that freedom to do what you can't in real life if i'm stressed after a hard day at school do you think I should go back to school with a gun tomorrow or do you think I should sit down get something to drink and just play a deathmatch in GTA and have fun while doing it?

If this is passed it will definitely impact the business especially triple A games because they need so much money to make the wonderful work they do.And I do think it will be passed and not even account video games in their decision that's just how much people don't care, they really do think games are just for children and these violent games are what their children is playing even though they don't complain when they know they let their children watch specially R rated movies even though game are rated appropriately as well!

God guys, a lot of the crap I said in here was opinionated and I know some of you disagree with everything and I know most people reading this feel the same now I need to go and chill for a moment maybe play some GTA

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Beats Music Review 7.5/10

Music is a universally known language and is integrated into every culture in some way,shape,or form. So of

course we need services to bring us our music and the talent-worthy performers who create our pastime.
Dr.Dre has done it again, found another way to bring music at it's finest. First was his infamous performing career then the pop cultural phenomenon known as Beats by Dre and now Beats Music.
But it has the likes of Pandora and Spotify to attend with if  it wants to reign supreme. And even though I have never tried Spotify  I think it has a fighting chance.
As you enter the app and sign you are asked to pick your favorite genres and performers, through stylish bubbles instead of a plain list I might add. Then you are treated to a favorable homepage with some recommendations  to check out. But I myself think this is the weakest part of Beats Music and that is pretty sad considering that it's the first thing you see. It's just not good at picking things out for you and if you really want to find NEW music you know you wouldn't have listened to before, I recommend heading over to Pandora.
But if you already have a few artist in mind go look them up with Beat's quick and simple interface and add them to your library where you can live out music paradise for eternity.
Overall, Beats Music is a good place to go if you just want to find good music without much hassle but for anything else i'm afraid not with it's weak recommendations and lackluster but informative articles that describe the up and coming of artists and inspirations of songs or albums I give it a 7.5/10 with a recommendation to go enter it's 7-day long free trial and find an opinion of you're own I know I wasn't dissatisfied at least

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sonic Boom Trailer Impressions

We all know that the Wii U is struggling and that nintendo's plan to help it out was to (not try to get third party games like they said) start developing some new games to some series that been lacking one of course being Sonic (Zelda too but uh we don't talk about that one).
We had a Sonic game last year but as I said it was extremely lacking at least in sonic game standards that we have come to expect, so it's nice see a new game with alot more potential and i'm interested to see how much power the Wii U actually has (I'm ready for the other two console comparisons after the article).
So to the part everyone been waiting for HOLY CRAP KNUCKLES WHAT U ON BROTHER?  It seems like everyone got new character designs and I think this is the same reason that the next Zelda game is going to be so different from the previous. Nintendo is trying to bring out some new things while still retaining the old IPs (Nintendo we need some actually fresh IPs) so this is the way of meeting the community in the middle.
They are also going to let multiplayer into the mix with this new Sonic game is made to be co-op which I think is a very good thing since call of duty multiplayer has been a very important part of the western gaming market and it's something Nintendo has really took a while to get.
All in all this is looking to be another awesome Sonic game that I can add to my collection
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Internship Review 7/10

                                                            The world is constantly changing around us especially right now with all the advances technology has made in the last few years we're on the verge of the revolution of evolution. And us humans naturally don't like change but The Internship is the story of two men who are forced to change and adapt to their new environment.Oh and it's a movie about google what more can you want?

Billy and Nick just lost their jobs as salesman because technology has replaced their jobs and the times have moved on from them but it doesn't take long for them to fake them going to college and land an internship at Google.
Woah woah woah slow your roll buster.
Yep google the thing that EVERYONE (which is not an opinion) uses and some could argue that this entire movie was an expensive as all hell advertisement for google since they casually drop facts about google that you might not even know but it became so much more than that.
The interns are then thrown into a mental hungry games where they must complete several challenge over the summer to secure their entire team a spot at google.
I though this was a fun simple premise that could lead to a lot of things and it really did. You'll spend most of the movie laughing and pretty much just enjoying every second of it especially with the colorful cast who are a lot more than what they appear to be at first glance.Though the story gets boring at times and they never really could balance drama and comedy.

The acting was superb with the great dynamic of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn a solid support cast and i'm a total fanboy for Dylan O'Brien from his role on teen wolf. Though I wish they were more outgoing with the music not saying that it was bad or anything, I actually enjoyed how they threw in a little track near the end that reminded me of George Lopez if you ever watched it you would know what i'm talking about (That would go on my things to watch before you die, by the way).

The internship is fun to watch for a good afternoon or with friends over but it doesn't really leave a lasting impression so I have to give it a 7/10 good.