Thursday, February 27, 2014

Government Stopped Funding to "Violent" Video Game Developers

I'm sorry guys I wasn't going to write this article since I wanted to do something because I haven't sat down to write anything in weeks. But this just angered me to my core and I take this as an insult to not me but the entire gaming community.

For those who don't know the House of Representatives are currently passing a tax reform bill and within it states to not give funding to what they describe as "violent" video game developers.

Well damn, the hate and ridicule of video games has finally became a federal level "problem". I'm a teenager my mother just recently bought Grand Theft Auto V and my aunt advised against that due to how violent and sexual some of it was. And I agreed with the later parts it is very violent but people need to understand that it is not hurting anyone and it's just plain fun no one is thinking "If I can do it in a game why can't I do in real life?" while their playing and what fun about it is that freedom to do what you can't in real life if i'm stressed after a hard day at school do you think I should go back to school with a gun tomorrow or do you think I should sit down get something to drink and just play a deathmatch in GTA and have fun while doing it?

If this is passed it will definitely impact the business especially triple A games because they need so much money to make the wonderful work they do.And I do think it will be passed and not even account video games in their decision that's just how much people don't care, they really do think games are just for children and these violent games are what their children is playing even though they don't complain when they know they let their children watch specially R rated movies even though game are rated appropriately as well!

God guys, a lot of the crap I said in here was opinionated and I know some of you disagree with everything and I know most people reading this feel the same now I need to go and chill for a moment maybe play some GTA

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  1. 1) You're in school, a teenager, & haven't a clue about punctuation or sentence structure. I suggest less game time & more studying!

    2) Your mom should have listened to your aunt.

    3) Who cares about the Government funding anything to do with video games? They have no business funding and/or influencing developers in the video gaming industry.

    1. 1) Yeah I am a teenager I feel no need to study since I ace tests and yes my grammar does need work but I think it was enough to convey my emotions.

      2) Family business no need to discuss with you but thanks for the suggestion.

      3)Before these giant gaming companies came into play and they might not even need government funding because they have revenue from their previous games and countless advertisers but they would be nowhere without Government funding their very first game which was probably very small almost indie-level so I do think it influences the industry especially those who are starting out and have a genuine interest of making good games.