Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sonic Boom Trailer Impressions

We all know that the Wii U is struggling and that nintendo's plan to help it out was to (not try to get third party games like they said) start developing some new games to some series that been lacking one of course being Sonic (Zelda too but uh we don't talk about that one).
We had a Sonic game last year but as I said it was extremely lacking at least in sonic game standards that we have come to expect, so it's nice see a new game with alot more potential and i'm interested to see how much power the Wii U actually has (I'm ready for the other two console comparisons after the article).
So to the part everyone been waiting for HOLY CRAP KNUCKLES WHAT U ON BROTHER?  It seems like everyone got new character designs and I think this is the same reason that the next Zelda game is going to be so different from the previous. Nintendo is trying to bring out some new things while still retaining the old IPs (Nintendo we need some actually fresh IPs) so this is the way of meeting the community in the middle.
They are also going to let multiplayer into the mix with this new Sonic game is made to be co-op which I think is a very good thing since call of duty multiplayer has been a very important part of the western gaming market and it's something Nintendo has really took a while to get.
All in all this is looking to be another awesome Sonic game that I can add to my collection
Are you going to follow this one or do you think their going to kill sonic by 2015? Answer down in the comments section below and if you enjoyed this mess come check out my blog where I do everything from Tech to TV

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