Monday, March 31, 2014

New GTA Online "Aliens" DLC Rumored

GTA was a great game, and my favorite game of the year, so why wouldn't we be happy that they gave us a whole online world to roam around in after we complete the main story, oh how wrong I was.
NONE of the things we were promised, besides a few bug fixes, has been given to us yet and nearly a year has passed already. Online heists was the main thing that pulled people to GTA Online and with it still not even getting a mention, people have been leaving the game one by one including me. So you can probably tell how much I was overjoyed when I heard that some form of (More than a few weapons!) DLC was being made for GTA to keep us bay while they work on the heists.
And the DLC's expected theme, much like Call of Duty's next DLC, will be aliens. I think this is a wonderful no matter how they integrate, they could have an Extinction-like mode where you and friends fight aganist ascending hordes of aliens while completing objectives so basically like Survival but with real-time objectives adding an extra layer of challenge.
It could also be entered (alone) when your character smokes pot and you will have to attempt to stay alive as your environment changes around you, like in the story mode. Either way if this next DLC really is aliens then i'm going to have fun going back to GTA.

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Do we have any fans in the house? Well i'm one or at the very least interested, and I heard OpTic came in 3rd in the last COD championships so I wanted to interview a member of their team OpTic NadeShot about what happened and also about his life and career
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Minecraft Canceled for Oculus Rift Thanks to Facebook

I'm sure alot of people are aware of the fact that Oculus VR has been bought by Facebook very recently, personally I think that a social integration into the Rift would be good IN THEORY. One moment you can be in a blizzard of immersion doing whatever your heart so desires, then you can jump straight into a Facebook-esque browser, look at what your friends are playing and also see what your brother or sister is eating for lunch that day. You might even be able to hit up your friends and organize a dungeon raid on the fly.
But I also think Facebook will try to force one thing or another down Oculus's throat and they always have their way, at least from I've observed. But I didn't think there would be a massive chain-reaction this early. I will be the first to say Minecraft is not the game for me and I do not play it. But this is not about my preferences this is about the success of Oculus Rift as a whole, Minecraft has a gigantic following and trust that thousands maybe even millions of people completely gave up on the Rift after hearing about this. And you think this is the end of the ramifications? Hell no, more developers will follow suit with the preference of not getting involved with Facebook.
I don't blame them really but the fact that a big-time developer can simply say "No" that easily scares me down to every single one of my molecules, after all if a certain Nintendo product has taught us anything, third-party games is everything for a console no how good first-party games are.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Leaked Assassin's Creed (Unity) Images

Assassin's Creed is one of my favorite series of all time and AC2 is absolutely my favorite game of all time, so you can probably guess how I reacted to this, organism of course.
According to some leaked images Kotaku picked up the next assassin game will be called Unity , perhaps, And I think the name itself speaks about the bond between a Creed or Brotherhood so maybe we will see more assassin's then certain previous titles had, due to the fact they were dying out during their time period.
Also some land marks suggest that it will most likely be set in the French Revolution which would be only a short time after AC3, but make no mistake the two revolutions couldn't be more different. Even though the French was inspired by the Americans, to revolt, they took a much more bloody and extreme route to their freedom resulting in over 17,000 executions including the king and the queen.
The graphics and texture don't look as good as I think it should but for all we know this could be coming out on handheld and I expect a graphical gap between a handheld and next-gen consoles. If this turns out to be real we're in for a real treat this time and let's hope it's close relation with AC3 doesn't affect the quality!
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Thursday, March 6, 2014

New Watchdogs (Story) Trailer!

He's back everyone! The world hasn't heard a peek from watchdogs since it was delayed back in 2013. If you actually went back to my Most Anticipated Games of 2014 you would see that watchdogs was my number 1 and that excitement still hasn't burned out.

In this one, in a very blockbuster trailer style,  we see what the actual story is going to be like and that was big because all we've seen was some free-roam gameplay (good gameplay but still) and a brief synopsis of the plot. Our lovely main character has a bounty hovering over his head  (Probably because he fucked with me on GTA Online) and he's out to find out why and during so he obtains powers beyond his wildest imaginations and he comes on the verge of a plot that is much bigger than his self.

This was a short one guys but the main reason I wrote this was to get people pumped for Watchdogs when it hits this May and maybe relight the fire that was brewing in them for playing Watchdogs at PS4 launch only to have a bucket of water thrown onto them hearing it was delayed but hopefully it was all for the best. To achieve the true "Next-Gen" experience.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Consoles won't ever be strong enough to match a PC

I love consoles, I do but i'm also a PC gamer and it really irks me with all of this resolution talk on both
consoles. Hey! Have you heard that Killzone (Shadowfall) is 960p in multiplayer!? Who the hell cares! i'm sorry the majority of the community does since the reason that people keep writing and talking about it, is because you read and watch their shit religiously.

If you want me to break it down for you I will. First of all chances of (in a few years) every game being 1080p is nearly impossible because of the architecture of both the consoles the games will not improve much power-wise unless they take away certain elements purely to achieve 1080p (like stable FPS for example) but is it really worth it after that?

Second of all, news flash people the reason that consoles won't EVER be on the level of gaming PCs again is because it's price-point and power supply. Believe it or not a lot of the performance on your PC is due almost entirely to the power supply and you can't have high level processors or GPUs without a heavy power supply. So a 250 watt console will NEVER beat a 1000 watt gaming PC. Sure they can push all that power into the box but that will increase the size and especially the price of the console. Then after that it's just a goddamn gaming PC with a controller.

So please whoever reads this if you actually care about resolution get a gaming PC or if you can handle games not being 1080p (I used to play on a 1080p monitor now I have a 900p one so trust me the shit does not matter) then pick up your controller and just enjoy the game, after all isn't that what we always try to achieve? Enjoyment, you just need to find your way to get that enjoyment.

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