Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Minecraft Canceled for Oculus Rift Thanks to Facebook

I'm sure alot of people are aware of the fact that Oculus VR has been bought by Facebook very recently, personally I think that a social integration into the Rift would be good IN THEORY. One moment you can be in a blizzard of immersion doing whatever your heart so desires, then you can jump straight into a Facebook-esque browser, look at what your friends are playing and also see what your brother or sister is eating for lunch that day. You might even be able to hit up your friends and organize a dungeon raid on the fly.
But I also think Facebook will try to force one thing or another down Oculus's throat and they always have their way, at least from I've observed. But I didn't think there would be a massive chain-reaction this early. I will be the first to say Minecraft is not the game for me and I do not play it. But this is not about my preferences this is about the success of Oculus Rift as a whole, Minecraft has a gigantic following and trust that thousands maybe even millions of people completely gave up on the Rift after hearing about this. And you think this is the end of the ramifications? Hell no, more developers will follow suit with the preference of not getting involved with Facebook.
I don't blame them really but the fact that a big-time developer can simply say "No" that easily scares me down to every single one of my molecules, after all if a certain Nintendo product has taught us anything, third-party games is everything for a console no how good first-party games are.

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