Monday, March 31, 2014

New GTA Online "Aliens" DLC Rumored

GTA was a great game, and my favorite game of the year, so why wouldn't we be happy that they gave us a whole online world to roam around in after we complete the main story, oh how wrong I was.
NONE of the things we were promised, besides a few bug fixes, has been given to us yet and nearly a year has passed already. Online heists was the main thing that pulled people to GTA Online and with it still not even getting a mention, people have been leaving the game one by one including me. So you can probably tell how much I was overjoyed when I heard that some form of (More than a few weapons!) DLC was being made for GTA to keep us bay while they work on the heists.
And the DLC's expected theme, much like Call of Duty's next DLC, will be aliens. I think this is a wonderful no matter how they integrate, they could have an Extinction-like mode where you and friends fight aganist ascending hordes of aliens while completing objectives so basically like Survival but with real-time objectives adding an extra layer of challenge.
It could also be entered (alone) when your character smokes pot and you will have to attempt to stay alive as your environment changes around you, like in the story mode. Either way if this next DLC really is aliens then i'm going to have fun going back to GTA.

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