Sunday, December 29, 2013

Robotic's Notes Review 10/10

I find how anime has become so much more than it used to be likewise how for someone it became more than a slight interest more than curiosity and then more than a hobby and Anime like robotic's notes tell us
why it has come so far.
Set in the near future of 2019 this sci-fi is set in the ground of reality and all the things in it might actually be what will appear in 2019 a lot of it technological advancement is thank to the world-wide anime hit Gunvarrel which inspired many to test the technological limits of their era and build a giant robot like you see in the movies after all who wouldn't want to have a giant robot in their backyard it would be a great conversation starter.
The robotic's research club one goal since it's formation nine years prior was to build a real life Gunvarrel, Gunbuild 1.

The current generation of member only consists of Akiho the younger sister of the girl who formed the club and seeks to finish her sister's dream and Kaito a care-free boy who never actually helps Akiho and spends almost every waking second playing Kill-Ballad a game based on Gunvarrel
to point he's ranked 5th in the world and you have to beat him if you want him to do anything
So the first few episodes consists of the two trying to find members for their club and to receive more funding
it seems like a plain premise at first but the story evolves to astronomical heights from their and it's mixture of dark plot,comedy,romance, and plot twists all come together to form a unforgettable experience.

The character development in Notes is the main thing that keeps you immersed in the story
The club members are such colorful characters whose personality MAKES you cares for them. Each have deep back stories that try to pull on your heart strings and they come together perfectly.
Kaito has to be one of the best main characters in any anime I've seen you think your gonna get another lifeless character at the beginning but he's the most developed out of all the characters and his one goal never changed or wavered "Protect Akiho and her sister" I wont spoil anything but he goes through some crazy things and thinking back he was just like you or me a regular guythrust into situations he doesn't understand and placed with a task he takes upon himself to prefill.

The animation is top-notch and i'm pretty sure that's because they went into it trying for another steins gate
Thought the first opening was a bit too fasted pace for the series the second opening and all of the in-show music was spot on and definitely got you ready for the scene ahead whether it was emotional action or just the characters talking.

All in All Robotic's Notes is definitely something worth watching no matter what your looking for after you remove the sheet covering it you will see the masterpiece which robotic's notes . right now
Oh crap you're still there well I guess I might as well show you to some other anime you might enjoy if you haven't already than you should go watch the first two entries of this sci-fi series.
Chaos Head                                                               Steins Gate

I still haven't watched steins gate so i'll probably do that later myself

Oh by the way if don't already know visual novels are games but more like books their's voice acting music and pictures to match the gameplay part comes in when you are given multiple choices which can have minor effects or drastically change the ending.

Robotics Notes and the rest of the series are based on visual novels as well as other highly acclaimed anime like Kanon Fate/Stay Night and many others.

one particular visual novel I thought bared a lot of similarities with Notes is one by the name of Rewrite another Novel made by key the makers of Kanon and Air
And if you're one of the many people who already watched steins gate try it's visual novel as well their's different ending so you might even like it more than the anime
Hope I helped you find something you would like I will link you to where you can download visual novels and tell me what you think about my first review in the comment section

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