Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Consoles won't ever be strong enough to match a PC

I love consoles, I do but i'm also a PC gamer and it really irks me with all of this resolution talk on both
consoles. Hey! Have you heard that Killzone (Shadowfall) is 960p in multiplayer!? Who the hell cares! i'm sorry the majority of the community does since the reason that people keep writing and talking about it, is because you read and watch their shit religiously.

If you want me to break it down for you I will. First of all chances of (in a few years) every game being 1080p is nearly impossible because of the architecture of both the consoles the games will not improve much power-wise unless they take away certain elements purely to achieve 1080p (like stable FPS for example) but is it really worth it after that?

Second of all, news flash people the reason that consoles won't EVER be on the level of gaming PCs again is because it's price-point and power supply. Believe it or not a lot of the performance on your PC is due almost entirely to the power supply and you can't have high level processors or GPUs without a heavy power supply. So a 250 watt console will NEVER beat a 1000 watt gaming PC. Sure they can push all that power into the box but that will increase the size and especially the price of the console. Then after that it's just a goddamn gaming PC with a controller.

So please whoever reads this if you actually care about resolution get a gaming PC or if you can handle games not being 1080p (I used to play on a 1080p monitor now I have a 900p one so trust me the shit does not matter) then pick up your controller and just enjoy the game, after all isn't that what we always try to achieve? Enjoyment, you just need to find your way to get that enjoyment.

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  1. Nice article. It would have been nice to cover the fact that resolution only really effects the visuals depending on the distance your sat (but everyone knows that I guess). Plus you could use a couple more proof reads before posting it, as it was a bit hard to read at times. I know, everyone's a critic :)