Thursday, January 2, 2014

Most Anticipated Games Of 2014

Happy New Year's everyone! To welcome 2014 I wanted to say some of the games i'm really waiting for so in no particular order
Infamous Second Son 
I didn't get a PS3 this generation I had a a Xbox instead so I missed out on a lot of exclusives one of those being the Infamous series so i'm looking forward to see what this highly acclaimed series got

Kingdom Hearts 3   
A lot of you main stream shooter fans probably just went like HUH but this game is the wet dream of almost all RPG fans the long-awaited direct sequel of the strange crossover of Final Fantasy and Disney
took the world by surprise back in the early 2000s it has been a long 7 years since KH2 we are ready to pick our old keyblades back up again

                                                                              Dying Light
This sucker is released on the same day as infamous and three days before my birthday! (I know what my present will be) zombies games are becoming more and more popular and this one is definitely going to show what lays ahead for the genre in the next generation (Shut up dead rising you weren't even 1080p) you should definitely go check out some gameplay videos over on YouTube you will know what i'm talking about

This is definitely my least most anticipated game of 2014 (yolo) only because i'm not really into mechs never have and probably never will be but the few gameplay moments I've seen peaks my curiosity but not my attention it wont be on ps4 I might not be able to play it if I don't get my gaming PC together soon

Watch Dogs
Thank god for it not being released yet it gives me times to get a ps4 (or pc) to play this guy at his best the last game I played this year was GTA 5 after finishing and loving it I find myself wondering, "With all the games attention to details I wonder just how amazing it would be on next gen" and this is the answer

We only know one thing for sure that is that 2014 is definitely going to be a interesting year with Next Gen, New 4k resolution,Steamboxes, And more apocalypse theories (Yes you know their coming)

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