Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Watchdogs: the Next-Gen GTA With a Twist

Even though it was released awhile ago I saw actual gameplay of WatchDogs a few minutes ago. And let me just say i'm impressed in every aspect of the word.
You spend the video free roaming not just to not give away much about the game's story but also to let the world see how well-made the entire world is.
The main appeal of this game is the ability to interact with the technology of the city itself. In the not so distant future of Chicago (My hometown! :D) to prevent crime and generally better the city an advanced operating system was put in place (CTOS) and if someone was able to enter the system itself they would possess a truly terrible power,control of the entire city. And it's truly what makes this game fun every single piece of world is interactive through the CTOS you can hack phones,security camera,bank accounts and even see a person's entire background just by glancing at them.
The story doesn't end there though, there's so much more. The shooting and driving mechanics are superb and the cars worthy of a rockstar, you get to drive really brought me back to GTA of which I think WatchDogs is a bigger and badder version of I honestly expected it to completely rip off GTA but there's so much more besides that game, to be explored in the open world genre which is only just getting more popularity which comes with more titles to be made within it.
And then the interactivity is taken to a whole new level, the CTOS is essentially a crime-prevention service it marks potential victims and potential criminals in the gameplay you follow a women who is an expected victim and so have it, as she walked down an alley she was attacked by her ex-boyfriend and was about to be killed or at the least beaten to a pulp. We intervened and entered a chase sequence which hasn't been my favorite  mechanic in most games notably Assassin's Creed but it actually looks much more fleshed out in WatchDogs which also applied to the car chase scene directly after so.
Ok to be honest I kinda squealed when I saw a gun shop riding up on the corner (don't judge) but this showed off the moral system implicated in this game. After surfing through a rather extensive list of guns (things to look forward to) a news show came on the tv in the gunshop stating that you were the number 1  suspect in a crime which the owner reacted to by pushing a silent alarm. But nothing gets pass us right?
Ok fine that has nothing to do with the moral aspect but the gist of that is how you handle events such as crime prevention effects how the people see you a true vigilante or a reckless criminal and it WILL impact the story in one way or another.
And perhaps the most interesting thing I've seen today represented exactly what my last article was about the single player and multiplayer were molted together. You or any other person for that matter can enter a single player without the player even being aware and you can continue to hack the player's phone to get a portion of the information they got during their game. And that begins the fun, the player is now aware of your presence and will be hunting you down while you try to stay alive but stay close enough so that the connection is not broken and the hack completes.

All in all WatchDogs will truly be something for when it releases and will definitely dominate the market now I have to go spend the rest of my days scanning the internet for every tidbit about WatchDogs
But what did you think about all this info and are you going to be checking out watch dogs yourself? tell me down in the comment section below and see you next time

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