Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Evolution Of Mobile Gaming

Alot of stuff to talk about since CES ended yesterday while searching for a topic that hasn't already been used and abused by almost every tech or game content creator on the internet I wanted to cover something that is a bit more broad and implied rather than stated.
Mobile gaming is becoming much more than what it is right now. Phones has evolved so much in such a little time that we couldn't have imagined what our phones does for us right now, 30 years ago.
I always thought mobile will take over sooner or later it's just wasn't powerful enough at the time but it would be. both AMD and Nvidia has created these powerful mobile processors that will be able to keep with consoles and even PC.
Nvidia actually worked with Epic Games so it can run their next gen game creator the Unreal Engine 4 which is what being used on the xbox and PS4 today the tech demo they showed was just astounding then nvidia said it themselves, they did not think Mobile will be at the place it is at until a few years into the future.
The challenge right now is not the hardware it is the general gaming community not taking mobile seriously, both companies and consumers alike. Well, I look forward to having triple A games in my pocket ready for play no matter how long I will have to wait

More info on Nvidia's Tegra K1
Tegra K1's full tech demo with commentary

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