Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Review:Best MMO Shooter Since PlanetSide 2

Sorry I haven't made many posts as of late, but I was caught up in the new game i'm playing and just like any new game I get I marathon the shit out of it. This time it was about 2 days of nonstop play  you know how intense of a gamer you are if your uncle is proud that you got in the shower.

It's been a really slow month for gaming (I plan to start playing some games I miss this year but this happened earlier) so I picked up a couple MMOs since it's the only my computer can handle right now since I haven't got my gaming PC together yet (work in progress).I really liked PlanetSide 2  but it wasn't working out with my PC they didn't really get even decent framerates on medium (20) so I dropped it and moved on to some other shooters which eventually led me to Ghost Recon through my friend's (...Acquaintance?) blog.

And what will your play style be sir?

From the beginning you are treated to 3 classes to choose from without much info if you hadn't watched or read anything about the game beforehand.
You have your classic rusher,sniper, and the inbetween, I would say that the class system doesn't take any risks but after a few games you can customize your gun so much that you can be whatever you want for every class.
So what are you the point of the classes than? One of my favorite features in Ghost which is the special ability that each class gets at level two, two for each class. These abilities are represented as high tech weaponry, what the original Ghost Recon: Future Soldiers was all about.
Whether it's Recon's oracle revealing the locations of nearby enemies or Specialist's Aegis shield that covers them and their allies as they rush the opponent every single ability plays a role in the match and a good mix of all those abilities leads to a rock-solid team.

A Tactical Joy 

Ghost is still in open-beta so there is always the chance that they will add deathmatch modes. But if a call of duty fanboy (you all know at least one) told me he was going to play this game I would laugh until my heart stops than look up at him "Oh you're serious?". This game is not about getting kills and racking up your streak (maybe i'm just mad because I only ever got one and it was only a 2 kills?) there is either one or many points that you have to get ahold of to win the match and then you have to stop the opposing team from stealing it. 

Initially I was turned off by their not being a deathmatch mode but when I played my first match all of those doubts disappeared in a blink of an eye. The mixture of different players and special abilities always kept you on your toes you didn't know if an assault was coming to rush your ass off or am you were going to be one-shotted by a sniper as you were running for cover from a special ability that damages your equipment and makes sparks fly from your helmet (by the way it's hard to do pretty much of anything with electricity IN your head ).

Ghostly Fun

Overall, Ghost is a amazing game to play when you got a few hours to kill but it comes with it's problem like anything else. texture pop in is a regular occurrence that happens almost everytime you walk around a corner (Have you ever tried to flank someone only to run directly into a wall that literally came out of nowhere then find yourself at a dead end?).
After a few games you can get enough money to upgrade your gun but after that it's hard to get that amount of money again unless you cough up some real cash. This also connects with how long it takes to find matches sometimes you have to wait 15 minutes and if it does take that long you're probably thrown into an ongoing game because a guy quit. They may also have to make the skill range larger with you confronting the guys who can one-shot you while you five-shot them.

I give Ghost Recon Online a 8.5/10 with a recommendation that you go and download it right now from the link below (not on steam yet) it's free to play and that's a damn good deal for something as amazing as this game.

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Ghost Recon Official Site

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