Friday, January 3, 2014

Destiny : A Wide Open Living World

I was surfing YouTube looking at some gameplay videos and I was brought to a old E3 Demo of Destiny a new next-gen shooter from the ones who made Halo and I took that with a grain of salt because I never actually Halo because I only got into shooters recently
So after watching IGN Coverage of the demo I was excited i'm a really big fan of MMOs and it sounds like the next-generation of consoles are going to be moving into that market, this might just be the deciding factor of me getting a next gen console at all
One of the public events
It showed a lot of different types of classes and weapons and I felt a wee bit nostalgia it looked a lot like Planetside 2 which I also recently started playing (I might do some articles on it when i'm done being a total Planetside noob 24/7 I only got one kill which was a freaking accident) we also saw a small machine by the name of Ghost which seemed similar to the little machine in Killzone:Shadowfall no one else really paid it much heed but it seemed like a nice little edition to me the fight scene was fast-paced and adrenaline fueled definitely the kind of fights I want in the IGN video they stated something I didn't really focus on and that their will be several different kinds of magic attacks which will be used in conjunction with guns adding some more aspects and more depth to the fire fights
The thing that ended the demo was what really sold me and that was a public event where all the players in the area chose to fight against this one opponent and get some good loot for it I really enjoy events like this in MMOs especially when it's done right and this is a prime example of that
I regret not putting this in my 2014 anticipated games but be sure to watch out for this one it's definitely going to keep me busy for awhile atleast

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