Saturday, January 18, 2014

New MMORPG:Aura Kingdom Beta Thoughts

I love RPGs and I used to play them exclusively but I had an xbox 360 which as you might already know has a very thin category of RPGs and I had a cheap computer so I couldn't play any full fledged PC games on it,besides it did not have the classic series like Tales either. 
So my next option was MMORPGs after searching for a while (3 minutes) I found Eden Eternal and loved it playing for hours on end every day and when the "Reawakening" came out I came back to it and started to grind once again as many of us MMORPG players do.

This time I started to play a game made by the makers of Eden Eternal and redownloaded Aeria Games on my new computer just to play it. Right off the bat you are introduced to a cinematic scene not knowing much at all. You battle several boss-looking monsters with AIs acting as a party making this seem like an actual dungeon raid. The healer in your party makes it so that you can't die so this is basically a tutorial for you to try some things out and get used to the controls. 

After some scenes I rather not mention (It's a decent story considering that there's rarely any story at all in MMORPGs so I rather not spoil you) you wake up in your small fishing town thinking that everything that you just saw is a dream (but is actual a foretelling of later game events THEORY). So you are then introduced to the standard MMO fetch quests  which is not at all but there's SO MUCH story in this game if you don't stray away from the quests every once in awhile you get a cutscene every 10 minutes. 

Don't blame yourself if you end up skipping a few conversations I just don't recommend skipping everything thoughtless because like I said it has a strong story integrated in the gameplay.

And the gameplay is well uh.....decent the classes have good variety but some are just copypasted classes from other games with new name and appearance I thought it would be fun to be a gunslinger but it's basically an archer but less fun then the one from Eden. there's some good skills as well but you're only treated to a few at the beginning and since I only just started I don't if it gets better but I definitely don't want to be rocking level 1 skills in a level 40 dungeon and the same exact things goes for the weapons. 

But a portion of the combat problems can be compensated when you get your chosen Eidolon  a guardian spirit that helps you in combat some games like Dragon Prophet also try this but I think this is the best integration since Pokemon. You can level them up ask them questions and have a conversation you can level them up into bigger and badder spirits eventually and there really valuable in boss battles. 

Overall Aura Kingdom is as you expect an unfinished product though there's not many bugs I think they should have kept this one in closed beta for a little bit longer 

What do you guys think of this one and will you give it a try? And if you already have what do you think of the game and do you disagree with anything I've said?

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