Friday, January 24, 2014

Alienware Steambox Non-Upgradable: Dell's Gamble

So most PC gamers are aware of the upcoming steam boxes and most of those most is fascinated with Alienware's,because a certain youtube gaming channel showed their interest in it even without knowing any of the specs. Well i'm very interested in it as well not because of the specs though because of the new information surrounding it.
Dell is known for their laptop entries in the gaming PC market so they have some leverage to play around with since we all know their is a very devoted group of people (as with other big companies) that will buy their steambox no matter what. So they took a leap of fate into the Steamboxes target market the console players,similar to the steam controller's recent redesign (which I, not like a lot of others, am not happy about). 
PC gaming is always evolving that's why it's ahead consoles right now (notice how I worded that) and the basis of that evolving is the sheer amount of customization that one can have on their PC and they will eventually have to upgrade no matter what. 
well like I mentioned in my earlier article on the "Single Player" this new generation is bringing brand new innovation out of companies (no matter what anyone say yes PC also has generations). 
Ok ok i'll get to the point  alienware's steambox is un-upgradeable making more like a console following what my dear friend (I wish) Rich from ReviewTechUsa said if they really wanted console players they shouldn't be making all these models of steamboxes with these  ridiculous prices.
They should just make one base model that every single game made for Steam OS and even ported to it can be me played on high settings. I think what PC gamer nerds like me should not be mad about this that you wont be able to max out all these games with 100+ FPS but just be glad that we're not getting the same type of thing we already have.
This is for people who want to get into pc gaming but either says A it's too expensive I genuinely do not believe that alienwares prices will be low their known for sometimes overpricing things but the iBuyPower and CyberPC steamboxes are both 500$ the same prices as the xbox one which they probably already have. 
This will stop non-PCers from being confused about all these different parts that they don't even know how to compare to find out which is better. 
How do you guys feel about this one? Do you think Alienware is killing their fanbase? or do you think that this is a good step forward to getting steamboxes in living rooms alongside the PS4 and Xbox?
UPDATE: Even though everything in this article still stands alienware will actually allow  upgrades but still I think all games should be able to work the base hardware console gamers won't want to upgrade and if there's a new one every year why would they?

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