Friday, April 4, 2014

What is Cloud Gaming and Why It's Important

The video to the right showcases Microsoft's ambition and belief in Cloud computing being used to aid Gaming on the Xbox One. I was interested in this even while not understanding what Cloud Gaming actually was so I used the almighty Google to bring to you State of Cloud Gaming.
And to find this we need to find the original source of

The Cloud

To put it simply, a interconnection of information between devices and infinite supply of digital resources, for example the Titanfall servers mentioned in the video but more on that later.
Cloud is in essence thee "Internet" everything on the Internet "Interconnects" into one big hub. I can feel i'm losing some of y'all so let me say it in a different way, this webpage and any other you have ever visited was stored in one big "Building" and web addresses, like real addresses, gives you access to one particular apartment but the building encompasses much more than that one apartment, that's how you can go from one YouTube video to another like as if you're going from one door to the next.

Cloud  Gaming

Ok so does everyone get it now? Close enough, so how does all this connect to gaming you ask? Well, let's use good old Titanfall as an example. It's Xbox One version is more limited than the PC one as you might be aware of. And that is purely because of cheaper hardware,and if you read my earlier article on my blog Consoles Wont Ever Be Strong Enough to Match PCs (In which I covered the power of the next-gen console's hardware and why it's hard to achieve 1080p and why it's weaker than PCs) you would know why. So to compensate they used the Cloud to create a infinite number of servers (because their digital, they had no real limit) and that's very good because, the less programs/items (players,bots,maps,menus) on a single server the better that server runs which makes the entire game run smoother.

The Cloud's Weakness 

"Oh ok cool the Cloud gives us a better experience, why hasn't this been used more?" Sadly, Cloud is not some super computing program something Rich from Reviewtechusa covered, our internet speeds, especially the U.S, just isn't up to par enough for The Cloud. For The Cloud to be used efficiently it needs fast Internet speeds, something that is too rare for it to be used to it's full potential...yet. 
In a few years maybe but due to bandwidth limits, (basically the amount of data you can use, for downloads video streaming, and webs surfing, in a specific set of time) quality of our Internet providers, and overall make-up of our Internet, utilizing The Cloud's potential is still a distant memory hiding in the future.

The Gaming World's Cloud Investment

Microsoft wasn't the only one to bet a big chip on The Cloud, in fact many other big names in the gaming world has dared to venture into the skies even while the likes of Nintendo disputed Cloud Gaming as being "The future". At 2013's E3 not only did Microsoft flaunt their Cloud Gaming, Sony announced the Playstation Now service which is the pure definition of Cloud Gaming. Everyone had already known that Sony was out to define the term when they purchased Gaikai, a cloud streaming technology-based company. But later that year Gamespot proved that if you reach too high you run the risk of getting burned down by the sun. They had also made a purchase of Spawn Labs (a company similar to Gaikai) to ensure they keep their high position in the Cloud revolution but they ended up having to shut it down due to the consumer's non-interest and complete lack of faith or knowledge concerning Cloud Gaming. 


I wrote this article for that the same reason that Gamespot had to close Spawn Labs and the reason Microsoft released that Cloud/Titanfall trailer video, the general consumer (you) is not educated and aware of The Cloud and therefore does not take advantage and or appreciate the Cloud services given to them. So please share this article with as many people as you can, friends or family anyone that plays games should read this, The Cloud is a very important tool and it will someday be used for great feats but if we don't let the developers know that The Cloud is useful and that we want it to be applied to our games, It will not have any place in the future of gaming, after all you have all the power in your hands developers don't decide anything you do.

And that is a goodbye ladies and gents I strangely had fun writing this article so I hoped you're taking something away from it! And if you'd like, comment below on what you think The Cloud could be used for in future games (be as specific as need be!) you can find me again at for informative posts like this, opinion pieces, video game/ tech reviews, and numerous discounts,giveaways,and contests.

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