Monday, April 14, 2014

The Flaw In Virtual Reailty

Titanfall producer Drew McCoy talked about Virtual Reality at Pax East. He talked about Respawn's interest in Virtual Reality and his excitement about the idea of it. But he still admitted that a game like Titanfall couldn't be created for VR due to motion sickness to put it simply.

Motion sickness is a bigger problem than you would think because everyone
is subject to it and when you count in whiplash, it comes apparent that fast-paced shooter games don't have a place in VR and it might actually be a reason that gaming will not fully transition over as many (me) it will.

When it comes down to it, there aren't many genres VR can dive into. It's easier to just say what it can do: First Person Adventure/Action games,why first person? well Virtual Reailty is literally just an illusion that you actually exist in the game and you can't look at yourself as you go about your life can you? If VR were to have a third person game it wouldn't even be a VR and the same as the gaming we do now.
Some games try to escape this barrier like one I heard of one recently.

You're a person controlling this miniature swordsman as it fights another, which is being controlled by literally and figuratively the person you're sitting next to (co-op) you can even look over and see the character model for your friend. This is a rather interesting try but I fear that because people won't get the same type of games they're used to their going to reject Virtual Reality entirely.

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