Saturday, April 5, 2014

Microsoft's New Approach to Xbox

Phil Spencer has said some interesting things in his latest Microsoft powered interview. And thankfully it was that Xbox was actually going to be about gaming first entertainment second. Why is this good you ask, it's because Xbox One has lost the next-gen race with news like the realization that Xbox One and the PS4 resolution and FPS (sometimes) gap won't just disappear (If you read my last post you would know how it might change in the future) and that PlayStation is winning by 1.6 million units worldwide probably because it's actually released in the countries where most of the people buy them.

But it seems that Microsoft has learned from their mistake of letting people forget they spent a billion so 15
titles can be released on the Xbox One/360 8 of which are new series. Phil is work hard at "work" surfing the web to find new ways to improve Xbox One and Xbox Live. It's good to know that he's actually listening to the feedback we take time out of our lives to give.

And it's also good that Microsoft as a whole is actually focusing on Xbox. If you didn't notice both Sony and Microsoft are two gigantic companies and they can't survive on console sales alone. 

While Sony HAS to put more effort in their other tech and first-party games because their not really doing so well to the point that a well-known business analyst said that there is a high-chance that Sony won't be around in a year or two. Microsoft isn't doing that bad but i'm glad that they aren't stubborn enough to realize that if Xbox tanks the whole company will be in a financial disaster. 

Comment below what you think about Phil's ambitions and with the insanely likely chance that he will read your comment include something Xbox should improve on and or a new feature they can add
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